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Mental and Physical Resilience for First Responders

For over 20 years Christo Motz has focused on strengthening the physical and mental resilience and instincts of alpine climbers, children, young adults and professional first responders including fire fighters, police officers, MD's and military personnel, providing them with tools to tackle the unexpected head on. Motz provides training and support to both teams and individuals. Read more here.


Wood walk for youth

Fylgjur organizes individual and collective coaching programs for youth under the name of Wood walk. These days opportunities and challenges abound and overwhelm us, and as a result we often cannot see the forest for the trees.
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Wilderness First Aid (18 hours): 9 am to 6 pm

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Avanto, preparations for winter swimming, Tampere and Helsinki, Finland
Sunday November 27th 2016

Winterswimming Pyhäjärvii, Tampere, FI
The whole month of November I will spend mainly in Tampere, a compact city about 160 km north of Helsinki. Tampere lies between two large lakes, to the North lies lake Näsijärvi and to the South along Pyhäjärvi.
Jesse, a friend helped me rent a small apartment in the Pispala neighbourhood which consists mainly of wooden houses. The neighbourhood lies on a hill, an excellent base from where to prepare for my winter swimming. It’s about a half hour walk to the city centre from here.

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Birgitan Polku/trail, Tampere, Finland
Thursday November 10th 2016

Birgitan trail, South of Tampere, Finland
A half an hour by bus, to the South of Tampere is where the 50-km Birgitan trail starts. At this time of the year, there are hardly any people, just the occasional mountain biker. It was icy cold and snowing lightly. An ideal time to enjoy some solitude within these vast forests, with mindful silence, a clear and starry sky and purifying campfire.

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Kolga, Estland
Tuesday October 25th 2016

Farmhouse, Kolga, Estland
After the Kaitseliit SERE A Instructors’ graduation ceremony in Varbola last Sunday, I drove with Erki, Kristjan and their families and some friends back to Kolga. Here we enjoyed a hike through the forest before sitting down to a lavish spread followed by visits to the wood-fired sauna into the wee hours.

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SERE A Instructor Kaitseliit, Estonian Defence League, Varbola, Estland
Sunday October 23rd 2016

SERE A instructor graduation, Kaitseliit, Varbola, Estland
On Sunday October 23, 2016 from about 1330-1500 the award ceremony for SERE A Instructor qualification was held in Varbola, Estland. The General Kiili, Kaitseliit Commander, The Estonian Defence League, Erik Reinhold, Head of the Kaitseliit school and Erki Vaikre, Head Survival of the Kaitseliit were the masters of ceremony.

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Outdoor cooking for Estlander customers, Paukjärve, Estland
Saturday October 22nd 2016

In the Paukjärve woods with Kristjan
Early yesterday morning I flew from Schiphol via Frankfurt to Tallinn, Estonia. I had booked a hotel room at Schiphol for the preceding evening in order to be on time because of the expected busyness. Once in Tallinn, my buddy Kristjan and his girlfriends’ daughter Madli came to get me at the airport.

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Survival Exercise, SERE A Instructor Training, Vetepere küla, Järva County, Estland, JUN 9-12th 2016

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CRJ Vol 11 Issue 1 SEP 2015
From JUN 6 to 12 2015 I took part in two disasterexercises in the borderregion of Hungary and Romania, part of the EU-ECHO program. The CRJ article you can read here.

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Masterclass Emergency Management and Self-Reliance
On June 3rd, 2014, Pinpoint will continue its second series of five Master classes in Crisis management; Emergency Management and Self-Reliance by Prof. Eelco Dykstra, M.D. (Daily Impact Emergency Management and International Katrina Project) together with Mr Christo Motz (Fylgjur). The Programme for this first Master class can be found here.


NKBV Mountain Sports Day 2014
Together with medical distributor Van Heek Medical FYLGJUR with be at the NKBV Mountain Sports Day on Sunday 16 March 2014 at Nieuwegein, NL.
Christo Motz will present information about courses and appropriate first aid material. 


NKBV Mountainsports day 2013
On Sunday, March 10 2013 the annual Mountainsports day will be organised by the Dutch Climbing and Mountainsports Association (NKBV) in Nieuwegein, Netherlands. During the morning and the afternoon Christo Motz and two MD's will run two practical workshops Mountain First Aid.


försvars UTBILDAREN  nr. 5/ 2011

Överlevnad - urban miljö


From Monday April 16th till Wednesday April 18th 2012  Christo Motz has attended the World Extreme Medicine Conference & Expo in London on behalf of Crisis Response Journal:



On Sunday 5 February 2012 the annual Mountainsports day has been organised by the Dutch Rock- and Sports Climbing Association (NKBV) in Nieuwegein, Netherlands. During the afternoon two practical workshops about Mountain First Aid were run by Christo Motz.

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