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Mental and Physical Resilience for First Responders

For over 20 years Christo Motz has focused on strengthening the physical and mental resilience and instincts of alpine climbers, children, young adults and professional first responders including fire fighters, police officers, MD's and military personnel, providing them with tools to tackle the unexpected head on. Motz provides training and support to both teams and individuals. Read more here.


Wood walk for youth

Fylgjur organizes individual and collective coaching programs for youth under the name of Wood walk. These days opportunities and challenges abound and overwhelm us, and as a result we often cannot see the forest for the trees.
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Wilderness First Aid (18 hours): 9 am to 6 pm

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Theme days State of Mind (Chief) Commanding Fire Officers Hollands-Midden, Waddinxveen barracks, NL
Monday October 2nd 2017

Theme days State of Mind (Chief) Commanding Fire Officer Hollands-Midden, Waddinxveen barracks, NL
On Wednesday morning, September 20th, and Monday morning October 2nd, the department of Professional Competence of the Hollands-Midden (Central Netherlands region) Fire Department had invited me to organize a workshop on Mental Resilience for two groups of (Chief) Commanding Officers at the Waddinxveen Fire station.

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Training Exercise Situational Command and Firefighting 2.0 Fire Service Academy/IFV Weeze Training Centre, Germany
Saturday September 30th 2017

Training Exercise Situational Command and Firefighting 2.0 Fire Service Academy/IFV Weeze Training Centre, Germany
From Monday September 25 to Friday September 29, 2017, I took part in the Training Exercise on Situational Command for commanding officers from the various Dutch security regions. The training took place at the Weeze Training Centre, Germany and was organised by the Fire Service Academy/Institute for Safety (IVF).

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Lecture Survival Medicine, Summer Congress CIOMR, Hotel International, Prague, Czech Republic
Friday August 4th 2017

Lecture Survival Medicine Christo Motz, summercongres CIOMR TUE 2017 AUG 01, Hotel International, Prague, CZ
On Wednesday morning July 27, I left the beautiful Spa Hotel Pac Stanisów/Schloss Stonsdorf and started a steep ascend up to the Czech border near Sněžka/ Schneekoppe (+1603 metres). My first time here was in February 2015, when I was doing the Wim Hof instructor Ice training. It was an intensive journey, hours on end I pedalled my heavily loaded bike upwards over small, stony pathways. Once at the summit the weather changed and it started to rain. The twisting path down through the forest was a welcome change, and in some parts I managed to reach speeds of over 55 km/hr. I was finally making some headway.

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Avanto, preparations for winter swimming, Tampere and Helsinki, Finland
Sunday November 27th 2016

Winterswimming Pyhäjärvii, Tampere, FI
The whole month of November I will spend mainly in Tampere, a compact city about 160 km north of Helsinki. Tampere lies between two large lakes, to the North lies lake Näsijärvi and to the South along Pyhäjärvi.
Jesse, a friend helped me rent a small apartment in the Pispala neighbourhood which consists mainly of wooden houses. The neighbourhood lies on a hill, an excellent base from where to prepare for my winter swimming. It’s about a half hour walk to the city centre from here.

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Birgitan Polku/trail, Tampere, Finland
Thursday November 10th 2016

Birgitan trail, South of Tampere, Finland
A half an hour by bus, to the South of Tampere is where the 50-km Birgitan trail starts. At this time of the year, there are hardly any people, just the occasional mountain biker. It was icy cold and snowing lightly. An ideal time to enjoy some solitude within these vast forests, with mindful silence, a clear and starry sky and purifying campfire.

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Survival Exercise, SERE A Instructor Training, Vetepere küla, Järva County, Estland, JUN 9-12th 2016

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Cover article CRJ 13:1/October 2017: Surviving a terrorist attack: A paramadic's tale. Read here
Article CRJ 13:1/October 2017: Surviving a terrorist attack: A paramedic's tale. Read here

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försvars UTBILDAREN  nr. 5/ 2011

Överlevnad - urban miljö


From Monday April 16th till Wednesday April 18th 2012  Christo Motz has attended the World Extreme Medicine Conference & Expo in London on behalf of Crisis Response Journal:



During week 3 Christo Motz has been visiting the Combat Trauma Innovation 2012 conference in London on behalf of Crisis Response Journal.


From the beginning of January 2012 Christo Motz is authorized by First Aid International to instruct their first aid courses.

Besides he also certifies courses in company safety (first aid and fire prevention) from the Dutch Institute for Company Safety (NIBHV). 


Christo Motz recently wrote three blogs for Crisis Response Journal about ‘Self-relience, resilience and survival during crisis’.


In the 4th issue of Crisis Response Journal, published on February 18, Christo Motz speaks to Bernd Noggler of the Department of Civil Protection in the Province of Tirol to discuss how the region‘s particular geography and risks foster individual self-reliance and promote a spirit of volonteering.

Resilience in Austria





Hereby, a brief report in Dutch about the realistic training scenario’s Christo Motz has organised in collaboration with the fire department Zoetermeer, Safety Region Haaglanden, Netherlands


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